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African Print Fabrics

These designs are printed in imported cotton and will shrink more that domestic fabric.  It is suggested the these fabrics be washed prior to using.

2" red butterflies on a bright gold background accented with black and green vines. The fabric has a slight sheen and minor imperfections that is characteristic type of fabric

2 2/3 yards -  $19.95

The word 'Africa" spelled out lengthwise on a light tan background.  Accenting the print are dancing figures, footprints and bands of designs with 'metallic" gold accents.

2 yards - $16.95

Elephants and designs on a tan background. The elephant blocks are 4 1/4" square and the elephants are 2" tall.


2 3/4 yards - $19.95

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Special African Prints


African Theme Fabrics

These designs are printed on pre-shrunk cotton and will shrink very little.

Ethnic Quilt Block Fabric - 5" Blocks 42"wide by

2 1/2 Yards -$19.95

Ivory & orange All Over blocks - 6 1/2" x 4 3/8"wide.

12/3 yards - $13.95

Skin Print - 2 yards - $14.95

Black Ashanti Pots

2 yards - $14.95

Maize Ashanti Pots

2 Yards - 14.95

Rust Mask Print - 1 1/4 Yards - $9.95

"It Takes A Village" Pots - 2 Yds.

By Fabric Traditions  - $14.95

Cobalt Blue Designs on Black

2 Yards - $14.95

By Timeless Treasures

Red Strip Print

2 Yards - $14.95

By Shamash

Black Designs on White

2 Yards - $14.95

By Timeless Treasures


Safari Animals on Block Kente Designs

2 Yards - $14.95

By Timeless Treasures

Red Designs

2 Yards - $14.95

By Shamash


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Set 1

Special African Theme Prints


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Set 2

Special African Theme Prints